A Day at the Park & Jon’s Broken Arm

Tracy / January 25, 2015

At some point, you realize your plans are not *His* plans.

I don’t think we should fail to plan anything at all- just that when our plans change and everything seems to spin out of control, we need to remind ourselves that we’re never really in control anyway, right?

I’m thankful for the Lord’s leading and protection this week in our life.

We’ve had out-of-town guests this week (and they will be here next).

Paul has also been out of town.

The weather has been so beautiful, we decided to take a picnic to a local park.

I enjoyed watching the older children and our friends, playing ultimate Frisbee and laughing in the neighboring field.

Courtney, and I chased the littles around the slides and climbing walls.

They laughed as I would try to catch them and would run the other way.

Jon tried out the monkey bars and was so brave. When he couldn’t get across the first time, he tried and tried again.

Sometimes our attempts don’t end up quite where we hoped.

He fell.

When he hit the ground, I looked over at Courtney and told her I didn’t think that looked good. I remember the day Joshua fell so hard.

He was only five. He wore a cast for the next two months and that elbow still gives him trouble.

So Jon began to cry and came to lay his head over in my lap.

I knew when I saw it, it was broken.

We packed everyone back in the van. I dropped them at home and we headed for the hospital.

I really knew what they were going to say before we ever arrived.

He needed surgery to reset that bone. He had broken it in such a way, his elbow was like a hinge that has been bent out of place. He couldn’t move his arm *at all* by itself and each time he tried to bend it with his other arm, he was in excruciating pain.

calling his papa to tell him what happened

They started him on some pretty heavy pain medicine and he thanked me over and over for bringing him to the hospital.

He is just so brave. I kept looking at his little body wishing I could take all that from him- just like with Josh. Instead, I do know that God is building His testimony of faithfulness in Jon’s life. Each of these moments will make him stronger and more compassionate.
I know that- it was just hard to see him hurt.

I was *VERY* thankful for Courtney watching over things here and Matthew who stayed with me at the hospital. I had a million things rolling through my mind all at once. What to do with Owen who is still nursing? I had no clothes. We were filthy from being at the park all afternoon. What about our house guests? What about Paul? I knew he must be worried since he wasn’t there to see what was going on with our son.

The hospital was fantastic. They anticipated our needs. We were able to wash Jon’s clothing in a laundry facility on the floor and they provided the washing powder!

The emergency room supplied us with a bag of toiletries (it was so nice to just brush my hair and teeth!).

They even brought a breast pump to Jon’s room so I could pump while I was staying with him. (These situations are why I always keep at least one bottle and a canister of formula at home. You just never know. Courtney was sure glad to have them!)

I am learning more about myself- and there are the things I already knew.

It is lonely to sit in a waiting room. I sat through most all of my mom’s surgeries and various procedures by myself. It was hard to wonder what was happening. Chemo wasn’t so bad because I could go back and check on her, but those surgeries were horrible. I was grateful for Joshua being there when her chemo port was placed and I honestly don’t know what I would have done if my aunt and uncle hadn’t been there when I found out she had terminal cancer.

I miss my husband and will be thankful when and if, the Lord moves us to a new season. These trials are always much easier when he is here to weather them by my side.

Jacob visits after work
Settled in after having his arm braced
Another phone call to Papa
On his way to surgery
Recovering…my brave boy.
In the end, this where the Lord is writing His testimony in me, too. It’s not always easy and sometimes, it’s just plain hard, but the Lord is *always* faithful.

Hebrews 13:15-16, NIV

“Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly profess his name. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

6 thoughts on “A Day at the Park & Jon’s Broken Arm

  1. Bless his sweet little heart! And yours, too. Praying that it heals according to schedule and without incidence. Hoping you are getting caught up on some much needed rest. Ha, am I kidding?! 🙂 Oh, well, at least hope things are back to somewhat normal now that you are home.
    I pray each day for you and your family and for safe travels for Paul when he is away.
    You are such an inspiration to me. Blessings on you, my friend.

  2. I’ve been praying since Courtney alerted me that you were at the hospital with him. So glad Matthew was there with you! So sorry that had to happen to Jon (and you, Mom). It just breaks my heart when my kids are sick or hurt – I was feelin’ for ya, my friend! And with Paul being gone . . . well, you already know how I don’t do well when Brian is gone – – you are so much stronger than I am! Hugs & Prayers all around :- )

  3. This made me tear up as my Mother’s Heart resonated with yours as I read your story ( and this even though you’ve told me the story and we’ve seen this dear little man (and can see that he is doing well)). It is SO hard to watch our littles hurt and these events are just downright trying all around. He certainly was brave and is continuing to have a great attitude, though I am sure that cast (and those pins) are not comfortable. We’ll be praying for rapid healing. <3

    1. Kristen!!! My sweet, new friend! What a pleasant surprise to find a message from you!

      We very much enjoyed your family’s visit. I hope you will come again sometime!

      I think if I can just keep Jon still for the next two weeks, we’ll be good. Of course, you saw how good that was working yesterday before you left. I think he’s ready to just run and play again. It’s going to be a very long couple of weeks until those pins come out.

  4. Thank you, Sheryl! He seems to be healing well. His arm was so swollen when we came home from the hospital that I could barely fit my finger between the cast and his arm. Now, it’s so loose, I think he could probably slide his arm out of the cast if he tried.

    Thank you for the prayer. We can certainly use it! We are thankful for you, too!!

  5. Barbara, thank you for the prayer! Jon is doing much better. I’m having to practically tie him down. Seven year old boys don’t sit still to heal very well. 🙂
    I am VERY thankful for Matthew. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without him. I sat in many waiting rooms when Mama was sick. It was horrible to sit and wait and wonder. Maybe I just need to have more faith.
    I hope you are doing well. Courtney keeps me up-to-date with some of your happenings!

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