Owen’s Photos

Tracy / August 19, 2014

I gave up studio photos many years back when I realized Courtney’s photos were actually better than the ones I was paying to have taken!

We’ve learned a few things:

It would be nice to have a bean bag for little babies.  They slouch and move.  A bean bag would just make things MUCH easier.  If you live close and happen to have one….

The photos are always, ALWAYS better made outside.  We set these up on the porch.  At some point, I’m sure we’ll figure out the specifics of indoor photography.  Until then, outside is BEST!

We almost waited too long to have his new-baby photos made.  This will be the last time Owen wears this outfit.  I had to squeeze him in…ahhh the things we will do for a picture.  In the end, he was adorable and happy and didn’t care what he had on (which is how we got the final photos!), as long as we were smiling at him.

We are living in baby bliss these days.















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