Hair Accessory Storage- Home Organization

Tracy / February 19, 2014

As we’ve worked to further organize our home (we have SUCH a long way to go!), I’ve tried to work on little areas since I’m so pregnant these days that tackling anything too big just seems overwhelming, (and then there are all the other little projects going on here).

Last week, I shared my battery storage.

This week, I’ll share my storage box for hair accessories. (I’m still trying to decide how to efficiently organize those hair bows…any ideas?? I have one of those long bow hangers, but I just don’t care for it much.)

I actually made this last year for our headbands:

This keeps them neat and helps hold their shape.

It was made from a big formula can I covered in fabric, (the perfect size for headbands!). The inside is fantastic for storing our hairbrushes!

I had the smaller items (hair elastics, barrettes, etc.) in a set of drawers.

It worked ok, but I did have to spend unnecessary minutes digging through to find a particular item.

In the end, I purchased another Plano box. (Can you tell I love these things??)

Again, I divided everything into compartments.

We’ve been using it for a number of weeks now.

It is easy enough that Emma or Meredith, can re-sort or find anything easily.

I LOVE these boxes!

So, what am I tackling next?? There are too many options around here, lol!

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