Baby #13 Ultrasound

Tracy / November 21, 2013

My doctor appointment this week revealed-

It’s a BOY!

This will bring our family to 8 amazing sons and 5 precious daughters.

This little guy still doesn’t have a name. Paul and I are praying.
I grow more and more excited as I feel him squirming inside of me. I pray the Lord will bless me with a good pregnancy and that this little one grows healthy and strong!

They didn’t see the full view of his umbilical cord they were wanting to see. It looked as if he had a two vessel cord. His growth is charting right on track so as of now, they are saying there is no cause for concern.  (Even so, please be praying for us both in the coming months!)

Of course, I left the doctor’s office and headed straight to the store for his first sleepers. What a precious thing to see these tiny outfits in our home once again. God is good!

Tonight, the children are celebrating with blue sprinkle sugar cookies.

1 thought on “Baby #13 Ultrasound

  1. How is it that all of your kids have THE BEST facial expressions in the whole world?? They make me smile!
    So Harbinger it is! 😉

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