Sleeping Little Man

Tracy / November 15, 2013

Sometimes I look over at one of my children and my heart just seems to melt.

This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. My little one was not feeling well and I decided to lay him next to me. It took a while for me to realize he didn’t want to sleep next to me, he wanted to sleep on me. *smile*

After some time, he settled and slipped off to sleep. I could have watched him all night…sleeping so peacefully.

I do hope when my children are grown they will look back and realize that I cherished each and every one of them.

What will he be when he is grown?

Will he have a wife that loves him dearly? As much as I love his papa?

Will he have babies to watch late into the night, just like I’ve watched over him?

Will he thank the Lord for each breath he takes? Each day he lives?

My sweet little man….

I’m seeing it so much more clearly now.

I used to compare Joshua and Jacob to little acorns. I could hold them in my hand.
I spoke of the day they would be big, strong oaks. The day when they would face the world on their own. The day when their roots would stretch and their branches would reach for the sky.

They are almost there. With each day that passes…a little more and a little more. I still feel them in my arms. I can still smell their newborn skin when I close my eyes.

…and now I watch another little acorn.

Thank you, my dear Father, for blessing me so…I am humbled by these blessings. Please make me what I need to be for them and for my precious husband.

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