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Tracy / September 9, 2013

I’m picking back up where I left off last week.  These are the things from my list last week I need to finish:

  • Insulate the first part of our basement (Paul decided to wait on this until the windows and doors have been installed downstairs.)
  • Finish dresses for my girls I have started

We also had the following things added to our calendar:

  • Visit with Grandmother
  • Visit feed and seed for hay and chicken feed
  • Have dinner guest on Wednesday

I’m just not sure about germs yet…we’re staying away from everyone until we know we’re clear!  That means NO FELLOWSHIP THIS WEEK!

The Lord willing, we’ll see all of you in October.

Until then, these are the areas we’re working on this week:

  • Finish cleaning my desk
  • Exercise 4 times
  • Finish dresses
  • Sew a baby gift
  • Finish painting woodwork in my bedroom and hall
  • Finish trim in the nursery
  • Clean more of the yard
  • Finish one book on my reading list
  • Finish one book on our homeschool reading list
  • Prepare for first batch of fall chicks (arriving this week)
  • Purchase family zoo membership for this year
  • Update database to track Christmas and upcoming birthday gifts we’ve purchased
  • Homeschool

At this point, I’m not planning on visiting my grandmother until the end of the week, (provided we show no more signs of illness between now and then!).

I have our Bible CD playing in the background this morning…everyone is eating breakfast.  I can hear a happy baby babbling in the background.

It’s Monday.  I’m praying the Lord will bless our week (and your week, too!).

2 thoughts on “goals for this week

    1. We have been listening to the Bible on CD- we were trying to work our way through reading this year. We got so behind, I just thought this would be a good way to catch up. As it turns out, it’s nice to just have it playing through the day as we work. 🙂

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