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Tracy / September 3, 2013

I’ve been noticing a few (only a few!) falling leaves here and there across our yard. My heart yearns for the cooler months…something wonderful begins to happen. Life slows down, just a little. We don’t seem to try to squeeze every minute of work out of each day. We are content, sometimes, to just sit snuggled under a blanket reading a sweet story or just cuddling a sleepy little person.

Fall is when Paul and I began. Those cooler days bring such sweet memories.

He’s been out of town for 10 days.

He loves the fall and comments each year when the house has been decorated with pumpkins and fall leaves. I think the warm colors just make everything look nice and cozy.

Saturday, we finished our home cleaning and preparation for church, and decorated for the fall. I wanted it done and the mess cleaned up! (Decorating always creates such a terrible mess!)

Everyone pitched in to work together.

(I’m leaving this wreath up a little longer…it was actually made a couple of weeks ago!)

He arrived home and noticed immediately. He *liked* it and complimented our work. I loved that it pleased him. I always want our home to be a place where he yearns to return.

2 thoughts on “fall decorating

  1. It looks so nice! Love the button letter you just made–that’s super cute!

    I’m looking forward to decorating for fall soon too. A friend just blessed me with a potted mum.:-)

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann! I know we’re a little early. We always try to decorate the first week of September…I can’t stand to wait any longer. 🙂

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