DIY- Bookmarks from Greeting Cards

Tracy / September 30, 2010

Each Monday morning, we send correspondence to friends and family. It’s a time I look forward to each week…time to connect with special people in my life.

Because we send out so many letters, I usually invest in greeting cards and stationery. It’s become a habit each January…re-stocking the writing supplies.

By this point in the year, we always have dog-eared cards and note cards, and some that have been sent to us by other special folks.

A friend (hi Jan!), mentioned having made a diy bookmark made out of a greeting card and it seemed like a marvelous idea!

Courtney and I pulled out the scrap-booking supplies last night and made these bookmarks:

We love a new crafting project. Especially, a new, FRUGAL craft

This is a great idea to send along in a card to a dear friend, and what a wonderful time we had creating them!

1 thought on “DIY- Bookmarks from Greeting Cards

  1. I really like this frugal craft. Thanks for sharing.

    I just found your blog this evening. Today I was headed home from 4-H and SGA meetings and someone mentioned your blog to me, so I had to drop by for a visit. 🙂 I’m now following you on FB. 🙂

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