Creating HOME- The Fall Wreath

Tracy / September 16, 2010

I love a Martha Stewart wreath I recently came across.

When I saw Nester’s version, I knew I had to try this project!

I bought twisted paper from Hobby Lobby (you will need 4 for $1 a piece), and floral staples (we needed two packages for this project).

We used a wreath we found in the house. Jessica stripped it down to bare straw–

cut the paper into strips–

untwist and attach to wreath–

We made rows of five loops–

It took us a few hours.

I hung it above the window in our living room!!

1 thought on “Creating HOME- The Fall Wreath

  1. It’s lovely! I love to decorate for Fall, but hubby doesn’t like it done until the end of September, so I’ll wait until next week!

    The weather went from 90 degrees to 60 degrees overnight here in MI and our leaves are changing into beautiful colors.

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