Tears Over French Onion Soup

Tracy / August 26, 2010

OOOOhhhhh, my dear onions, how I do love thee….

my family, not so much.

It’s not the taste that drives my littles nutty, it’s those sliced onions.

Today, we made French Onion Soup for lunch. A few onions (well, more than a few for our home), some beef broth, some Parmesan cheese, a few spices and a nice slice of crusty bread…


I’ve tried every known remedy for onions, wearing goggles, running water while I slice, burning candles…I’ve finally settled on this being my best alternative:

slicing them under the vent hood on the stove.

Still, I have children who have tears rolling down their cheeks and a baby we keep on the other side of our home when onion prep is happening in the kitchen.

Any other ideas, ladies? I’m fresh out. I love the onions too much to give them up, but I need some real answers. Help, please!! : )

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