Bedrooms! (–Part 1)

Tracy / August 26, 2010

Time for this week’s installment from 4 Moms, 35 Kids….

I have REALLY enjoyed these posts. We’ve picked up some great ideas from the ladies visiting our site…and I think, a few favorite new blogs too!

This week’s topic is bedrooms.

I’m not even going to pretend that we have these areas nailed down. Since moving here several months ago, the only bedroom in the house to remain constant has been mine. It’s in pretty good shape (though I do wish we didn’t have the printed paneling)- it will probably be the last room we work on remodeling.

So, this is my bedroom.

It is very long and narrow–

This is the quiver we made for our hospital door a few babies back–

…and the door bow we made when our youngest was born–

I love having a rocker in my room for late nights with baby–

This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture- a changing table given to us by a cherished Great Aunt when we were expecting our first child. It sure has seen lots of diapers through the years!

I love our window. It looks out over the back acreage. I lay in bed at night watching the moonlight through the trees.

We have bed lifts under our bed and the baby’s bed. This really started in our mobile home. We were very cramped for space so I placed these under the beds. This would allow us to fit SIX big, Rubbermaid blanket boxes under our bed. I kept most of our canned goods and paper products organized in those boxes. It worked great!

Now that we’re here, we have them under the bed again- we just liked the bed being a little higher. : )

This is our little boy room for a short time. (Sorry for the mess!) Four of my youngest boys sleep here, for now. By the end of next year, this will be the nursery for our youngest three children.

I love this headboard. It was left here by the previous owner. It has some rusty spots, but we love it!

This may be one of my favorite thrift store finds ever:

I would love to do a farm themed room for my younger boys at some point. For now, it’s holding up the wall in the room.

That’s it for this week ladies! Thanks so much for visiting my site…this has been a fun series!!

11 thoughts on “Bedrooms! (–Part 1)

  1. Wow your room is huge! It was 8 years before I finally got around to working on my bedroom. It always seems to be the last space to get decorated. You crib is so sweet. It looks like a restful space. Lisa~

    1. I wish you were here to help me decorate it, Lisa! I know the general “feel” I would like, but I don’t have a huge budget and really don’t know where I want to start (probably with the little boy room, LOL!!).

  2. Each picture I saw I let out a big, “AWWW!!!” Every inch of your bedroom is so sweet, and the boys room looks like a boys room should (including the mess!). Thanks for the invitation to your home. Have a blessed evening.

  3. I love the quiver. Do you add a new arrow with each baby? Such a sweet representation of your family and a great Scripture! Also, your bedroom looks so big! If that wasn’t enough to make me jealous you show me your window with a view. Well, I’ve got to go take two steps to cross my room and then look out of my window at the neighbor’s house that is so close to us I could spit at it…(j/k, although only slightly)

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