Tracy / October 3, 2006

Good morning! I hope that your day has started out well and you are accomplishing all that you have set out to finish today.

We actually started our day a little later than usual. Our day yesterday and night, last night was filled (to overflowing) by a broken dishwasher and then a broken pipe under the sink. I’m so thankful that my hubby (who has never worked on a dishwasher), is willing to research and take chances these days. He saved us an enormous amount of money and today we have restored plumbing in our home.

We are still trying to dry out the Living Room carpet. Last night, there was so much water your feet would sink into it in places. What a mess. I think that we’ve made some progress and today we’re blowing it all out with a fan.

The picture today is of Jessica’s K’NEX “twin”. If you look closely enough, she has hair that matches Jessica’s. Matthew built a twin too! ….and people think that kids in a big family would never want more children! My littles want more so badly that they resort to building them themselves!! LOL!!

This is my latest dish cloth. I’m making these for Christmas presents. I’m so excited because this is a pattern that I’ve written.

I thought I would share it with those who knit. I love this pattern because it has little holes worked into it making it look lacy and the little bubbles worked in make it a great scrubbing dishcloth!

You need two skeins of cotton yarn. I’m using white and the variegated green/white sugar and creme yarn.

Cast on 40 stitches in colored yarn.

Knit across for three rows.

From here until the last three rows (which you will knit), you will knit the first three stitches and the last three stitches of each row.

Perl row 4.

R5: K3, K2tog all the way across, K last three stitches.

R6: K3, now you are going to pick up the little bar in the middle of your stitches and pull your yarn through like this:

work this all the way across and then K3. (Count to make sure you did not pick up an extra stitch.)

R7: K entire row.

R8: Knit in white yarn. Begin with a repeat of R5 with white yarn.

R9: Repeat R6 with white yarn.

R10: Repeat R7.

R11: Knit back in green and white yarn and repeat R5….

Continue on with this pattern until your dishcloth is desired length. Knit last three rows and cast off.


Remember, I am VERY new to knitting so if you see something I need to change, or you just have a question, please write and let me know!

I’ve enjoyed knitting so much, almost as much as quilting. My only difference is that you don’t really have to think too much about quilting….there are those patterns that really require your attention with knitting but once finished, you have created items that are much more useful than you could never purchase and are beautiful!

If you’ve never washed dishes with a hand knit dish cloth, you would not believe how much easier it is!!

Speaking of knitting….I’m off to the craft store to look at yarn colors to decide which finger puppet animal we’ll be working on tomorrow….so this week it will be a surprise. The older children in my home who are watching me making these are getting so excited. They are enjoying the wait to see what the knitting needles will turn out next!

Prayer Requests

Please pray for me as I see a dentist today. (It’s just a check up but I HATE going to the dentist, almost more than anything else!)

Pray for us as we continue to clean up water from last night.

Pray for Jenny, (on of the Lines’ yahoo group moms) as her family prepares for some upcoming changes in their lives.

Pray for Fay, (another yahoo group mom that I had mentioned last week) who is recovering from her newest blessing’s arrival! Please pray restoration for her body and health for her new little fella!

Please continue to pray for my dear friend, Christy and her family who are dealing with the passing of David’s Grandmother. I know he felt very close to his Grandmother (he actually had the privilege of baptizing her!) and that this loss is difficult for their family.

Please pray for the dear people in the Amish community who are picking up pieces following yesterday’s horrible school shootings.

I will never understand these things. More importantly, how can people be so blind. I was listening to the news last night and they were saying that President Bush is gathering officials together to meet and figure out what the government can do to stop such things from happening. My husband said it best…there isn’t anything that the government can do…this is a heart issue. It starts with parents. Period.

Today I’m Thankful For

I’m thankful that I still have my teeth and that is why I’m having to see the dentist to have them cleaned.

I’m thankful that this afternoon, my visit with the dentist will be over for at least another six months.

I’m thankful that it’s not raining on the day of my appointment. There is not much worse than having to drive to the dentist on a rainy day.

I’m thankful for hearing that the dentist I will be seeing today is not too “chatty” (I’m seeing a new dentist today.) I hate it when they try to talk to you while your mouth is wide open and filled with their hands working on your teeth…that’s just awkward! Come on, you know what I’m talking about!

I’m thankful to be breathing…people who aren’t breathing don’t have to see a dentist but this is not an option I am ready to explore. :O

Do you understand my hatred for dentist visits?????

I love those signs that read “painless dentistry here”….ha, ha, ha. I haven’t found one yet.

Tracy’s Task

We are continuing today to dry out the things that were under our kitchen sink.

If you haven’t done so lately, it’s a good reminder…just run your hand around the plumbing under your sinks to make sure that there are no leaks that you should know about!

What I’m Learning

My friend Angie, posted this on her site and I learned so much about her….I had to post mine.
Have you ever…

1. Babysat a llama.
2. Eaten raw oysters.
3. Owned a poster of John Schneider (O.K., Angie, I can’t believe that I’m admitting this!)
4. Tripped a boy in school, in the hallway, so that he will notice you. (Hi honey!!)
5. Spoken in front of thousands of people.
6. Written to request (and received) your governor’s favorite recipe.
7. Had a picture made with 5 generations of women in your family.
8. Brushed your Great Grandmother’s hair.
9. Baked homemade biscuits.
10. Made compost
11. Had an induced labor for more than 24 hours.
12. Held your child after a seizure.
13. Watched a sunrise with your family.
14. Attended a StarTrek convention
15. Taught a child to read.
16. Grown and eaten fresh vegetables.
17. Sewn a quilt.
18. Held your lifeless baby in your hands.
19. Washed a cloth diaper.
20. Hung your laundry to dry.
21. Watched Haley’s comment fly over.
22. Sat to view view master reels as an adult.
23. Given birth without an epidural
24. Had a C-section.
25. Made a cup of hot tea
26. Been sprinkled when changing your first baby boy diaper (with 5 boys, I had to mention this one!)
27. Created play dough versions of yourself.
28. Felt the everlasting love of God?
29. Read an entire novel in a day
30. Made snow angels.
31. Visited San Antonio, Texas
32. Been married to a movie star…O.K., it was just one movie…but he is listed in the directory.
33. Performed music in traditional attire from India
34. Went riding through the snow on an 3 wheeler.
35. Watched deer in your yard
36. Cried at the site of your new baby.
37. Sat helpless in a waiting room waiting on your child to undergo heart surgery.
38. Volunteered at a camp for children with cancer.
39. Owned a Volkswagen Rabbit?
40. Caught a jellyfish?
41. Shared an uncontrollable giggle with a friend
42. Owned a pearl that you personally removed from an oyster
43. Teased your hair?
44. Visited your local thrift store
45. Tap danced
46. Owned a well worn, favorite pair of slippers
47. Enjoyed a cup of hot cocoa
48. Done a cartwheel, in your yard, at the age of 32? (You should have seen the face my mom and Paul made!)
49. Watched crabbers on the beach
50. Been 14 and known that you had met the one man that would be the love of your life.
51. Owned a turtle?
52. Had too many pets to count at one time?
53. Had a LIFE game ongoing for more than half a year?
54. Had happy birthday sang to you at a restaurant with a foam lobster sitting on your head.
55. Danced with your hubby, in your teased hair to a song by George Michael (it was in high school!)
56. Sat beside your husband on the sofa and looking at his hand wrapped around yours, thought that there is no place you would ever want to be!
57. Made a birthday cake that looked like a bear.
58. Made a birthday cake that looked like Captain Underpants (don’t ask)
59. Splashed in a mud puddle
60. Known the smell of an old church
61. Been on public access cable?
62. Worn glasses
63. Eaten a saltine cracker and tried to whistle (it was for school!)
64. Written to your man in the military.
65. Raised tadpoles.
66. Sat under a table to read a book to your children.
67. Started a business
68. Reread love letters
69. Tatted
70. Played air hockey
71. Raised sea monkeys
72. Been in the newspaper
73. Eaten a wonderful Italian meal with Italian opera being beautifully performed right at your table.
74. Sipped a cup of tea in a tea room with your closest friends and their daughters.
75. Held your child’s hand while they received stitches.
76. Ridden a subway
77. Made cookies from scratch
78. Learned to knit
79. Read Sense and Sensibility
80. Won a photography award
81. Sewn a dress.
82. Flown a kite on the beach
83. Eaten raw squid
84. Sang “There’s Fleas On My Dog” as a family to the tune of Feliz Navidad in the car on the way to church
85. Watched your family star in a musical
86. Fallen asleep on stage (literally) when performing a skit at church
87. Made a giant paper mache tongue
88. Stepped on a slug barefoot (EWWWWWWW!)
89. Received nothing but junk mail in the mailbox.
90. Had an obsession for cows
91. Experienced a child’s first steps
92. Owned an El Camino
93. Felt unspeakable gratitude for the blessings in your life.
94. Almost died after choking on a piece of bubble gum
95. Been a “test subject” for an experiment
96. Tie dyed a shirt
97. Looked up, while lying on your back under a Christmas tree with your children
98. Walked in wet sneakers
99. Swam in a river
100. Rang the bell during the holiday season for the Salvation Army
101. Jumped into a pile of Autumn leaves
102. Stopped to help a stranger on the side of the road
103. Held a snake
104. Eaten fried green tomatoes
105. Had glow in the dark stickers on your ceiling
106. Sat on your porch late into night, just looking at the stars with your honey
107. Shopped Ebay
108. Made a tomb stone rubbing
109. Ridden a train
110. Had 5 piercings (oh, the younger days….)
111. Worn black combat boots (I was not in the military)
112. Flown in a door less helicopter
113. Felt helpless in the world around me.
114. Slept in my husband’s office floor while he worked far into the night.
115. Felt blessed beyond words on evenings with my hubby and all our blessings sitting in the LR for family time.

That’s it for me…I would love to hear yours! Leave a comment or a link to your site!

Today’s Scripture Meditation

Ps 19:7-10
“The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple. The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the LORD are radiant, giving light to the eyes. The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever. The ordinances of the LORD are sure and altogether righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb.”

Thank you Lord for a new day…even one that involves a dentist appointment,

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