Horseback Riding

Tracy / September 24, 2011

Matthew and Jess had quite the adventure yesterday! They were invited to go horseback riding with some sweet friends: Matt had a little more fun than most…an experience he’ll surely never forget. He fell off of his horse, Bama: Today, he’s really sore, but overall fine. They both had a great time and have been chattering through the morning about…

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Matthew’s Project

Tracy / August 25, 2010

Matt is always making something with his LEGOS– I caught a pic of his newest helicopter when it landed on the kitchen counter earlier today. (I was cooking lunch, thus the mess! ):

August 24, 2010

Tracy / August 24, 2010

It would seem summer is winding to an end. Though the days are still hot, hot, hot, the evenings are definitely feeling cooler. I think we’re only weeks away from opening the windows!! The house always smells so nice with fresh air. Before I forget, please be praying for my little nephew. I’m really not at liberty to discuss details,…

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June 10, 2010

I’m not sure if we’ll have time to post in the morning. Tomorrow, Matthew turns 11. It’s difficult to imagine that eleven years have passed since his birth. His arrival marked many changes for our family. His arrival brought joy once again to a family filled with grief following the passing of Paul’s mother. I will always think of him…

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Tracy / October 3, 2006

Good morning! I hope that your day has started out well and you are accomplishing all that you have set out to finish today. We actually started our day a little later than usual. Our day yesterday and night, last night was filled (to overflowing) by a broken dishwasher and then a broken pipe under the sink. I’m so thankful…

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Frugal Friday

Tracy / September 15, 2006

What a morning this is turning out to be! The plans that I made yesterday, for today, seem to have taken a back seat to last minute things that keep popping up. This combined with a home full of tired people, thanks to the teething infant who was up most of the night, is making for a rough day. This…

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A Boy and His Dog

Tracy / August 18, 2006

Bless his heart, Matthew would love to have a dog. We just can’t have one where we live and I’m not sure how his allergies would react to another animal. That being said, he has built the next best thing. His own dog, built entirely from Legos, is the actual size of some small dogs, doesn’t make a peep, nor…

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