August 24, 2010

Tracy / August 24, 2010

It would seem summer is winding to an end.

Though the days are still hot, hot, hot, the evenings are definitely feeling cooler. I think we’re only weeks away from opening the windows!! The house always smells so nice with fresh air.

Before I forget, please be praying for my little nephew. I’m really not at liberty to discuss details, but he was taken to the hospital yesterday. Thank you, friends.

Yesterday, I sat down with my current sewing project.

Many times, I hear ladies talk about sewing being rather expensive. It can be, but there are ways to cut some of the cost.

One way we save money, is to draw our pattern (in the size we need), onto freezer paper. This way, we only need buy the pattern once for any of the listed sizes. If the pattern is for sizes 3, 4, and 5 and you cut it to size 4, you will never again be able to use it again for size 5- this protects you original pieces which you can trace again and again (though freezer paper is pretty durable- we just tuck our traced pieces into the envelope with the original pattern and pull them out next time we’re sewing).

I do enjoy sewing, but it can also be difficult to make time. I really can’t sit and sew for hours on end, but I can devote a half-hour, or maybe just an hour to a project. There aren’t usually that many steps to a pattern. If I take one day to prepare the pattern, one to cut it out, and one for every two or three steps, I can have a project finished usually in a week.

I’ll post pics when I have this little dress done- I forgot to cut out the bloomers, so I guess I’ll be doing that today.

I also have corn waiting on me. : )

Not sure exactly how I’m going to preserve it just yet. I do love creamed corn–maybe I’ll make a few jars for the coming months and freeze the rest as corn on the cob. We’ll see. There is not much as delicious as fresh corn on the cob!

Prayer Requests

  • Karen’s son, Matt- deployed to Afghanistan
  • My nephew

Today I’m Thankful For

  • The families in our church- when our “chicken incident” happened over the weekend, I listened as time and time again folks spoke encouragement to my son, Jacob– I shared with my husband that they seem to really love our children, and we love their’s too! It’s amazing to be in a good church home.
  • Lovely weather today
  • Chores already done- I only have a bit left on my “to-do” list..maybe I can squeeze in a little cross stitch or quilting time!
  • A *very* gifted and graceful piano teacher for my children- another gift from God!
  • Late night game of “Bandit” with a few of the children…

Today’s Scripture Meditation

“I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.”– Psalm 116:1-2

With my love,

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