July 22nd, 2010

I started this week with grand plans… We’re finishing two (count ’em TWO) websites. One is just for homeschoolers, the other for our church– We’re almost done with the church site, and the other at least has a header graphic (thanks to Courtney). One of my biggest plans, was to finish really fleshing out family goals for the older children…

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Building Projects

Having traveled to Washington D.C. for two straight years now, Timothy builds monuments in his spare time:

Tiger Puppet

Tracy / September 27, 2006

I’m sure that everyone is breathing a sigh of relief to not have to listen to me whine anymore about my head. Thankfully, my Motrin did the trick and I am pain free today. One unfortunate lingering effect is the nausea but hopefully it won’t last too much into the day! I really hate migraines! It’s “Works For Me Wednesday”…

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School Supplies….So Far

This is the start to the Lambert school supplies (minus textbooks) for the year. I still need to purchase loose leaf paper, rulers, colored pencils, pencils, pens and some additional small learning activities for the littles in my home. I know it seems like a bunch, but in contrast, if we had the six school aged children in our home…

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