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The Caterpillar

I Can’t Remember …

if I shared these gifts, or not! This has been one of the best Christmas gifts we have given our… Continue reading »

September 26, 2013– Zoo Trip

This year, we’re using Answers in Genesis science. We’ve been starting with the study of animals. It’s been a fun… Continue reading »

updated read-aloud list 2013

I have quite a bit of reading to do to finish this list…. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers… Continue reading »


School days are beginning in our home. We typically are schooling through the summer and take our breaks during the… Continue reading »


Helping with story time this week….

And She’s Finished

Amazing, isn’t it, how different children can be? Two summers ago, Paul was traveling for nearly two months (and Josh… Continue reading »

My Hard Working Man…

Have you ever seen a television truck? They are the most massive, amazing things to see…wires and lights all over-… Continue reading »

The Four Facts

My littles have all been learning their multiplication facts, while the older children are working through drills. This is another… Continue reading »

The Three Facts

Paul just finished our newest multiplication video! This one is for the 3 facts: If you missed the last video,… Continue reading »

The Two Facts

Paul has been creating little videos for our children to learn their multiplication facts. They watch them each day during… Continue reading »