I Can’t Remember …

Tracy / January 23, 2014

if I shared these gifts, or not! This has been one of the best Christmas gifts we have given our children in some time! The ants stay busy and provide spiritual lessons for our family. Ants work hard! It just happens that the week before the caterpillars arrived, we were reading about the life cycle of a butterfly. When they…

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September 26, 2013– Zoo Trip

Tracy / September 27, 2013

This year, we’re using Answers in Genesis science. We’ve been starting with the study of animals. It’s been a fun curriculum…and probably a much-needed change for me. Since we’re working on animals, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a zoo visit. The weather was perfect…we had such a great day!

updated read-aloud list 2013

Tracy / August 11, 2013

I have quite a bit of reading to do to finish this list…. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name Growing Together in Forgiveness: Read-Aloud Stories for Families Book Series THE TRACT PRIMER: First Lessons in Sound Doctrine for Young Children The Trumpet of the Swan (full color) Caddie Woodlawn Justin Morgan Had a Horse Carry On, Mr.…

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School days are beginning in our home. We typically are schooling through the summer and take our breaks during the cooler months. This year, we’re behind on some days so we’re probably going to be schooling through our break times. No one seems to mind, (or even notice).  They just have a good time and enjoy exploring new ideas. These are…

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Helping with story time this week….

And She’s Finished

Tracy / February 10, 2013

Amazing, isn’t it, how different children can be? Two summers ago, Paul was traveling for nearly two months (and Josh was gone too). Benjamin, decided he wanted to finish his phonics book- start to finish, to surprise his papa when he arrived back home. He worked hard that summer, sometimes doing four or five lessons a day! He did finish…

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My Hard Working Man…

Tracy / January 31, 2013

Have you ever seen a television truck? They are the most massive, amazing things to see…wires and lights all over- people coming and going. Some have rooms that expand out from the sides of the truck. Paul works as a remote television engineer for a local, Christian-owned company. His job has him up, often before the light of day, preparing…

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The Four Facts

Tracy / November 8, 2012

My littles have all been learning their multiplication facts, while the older children are working through drills. This is another video Paul created to help them drill facts. They listen to one of them for a few minutes each day. We’ve been doing this for right at a month. It’s funny to hear Meredith (age 3), trying to recite multiplication…

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The Three Facts

Tracy / November 8, 2012

Paul just finished our newest multiplication video! This one is for the 3 facts: If you missed the last video, you can find the 2 facts HERE.

The Two Facts

Tracy / October 23, 2012

Paul has been creating little videos for our children to learn their multiplication facts. They watch them each day during our school time. We thought we would share with all of you! (Hopefully, we’ll have more soon. :D)