A season of growth and learning- Courtney’s Wedding

Tracy / October 22, 2017

This post is about so many things, mostly Courtney’s wedding.  🙂  I’m just throwing that out there since it is probably going to seem a little scattered.


Did you know you can buy these on Ebay?! I did not. I had NO idea.

The last time we looked up replacements for our car, they were going to be about $30/fob. It was just a little much for us to replace immediately. We’ve been living a couple of years without them which is not horrible, but it’s also not the most convenient thing, lol.

Daniel told us we should order them from Ebay. Two for about $8 (and no shipping). You can program them yourself. A problem we thought was complex, was actually very simple.

They have been a HUGE blessing. Now my husband is back to being able to open my door (something he has apologized for over the last year more times than I can count!).

**Thank you, Daniel. This little thing has been a very big blessing.**

As a side note, I’m still trying to decide the future of this blog page. I think it may just be a place for housing our general family happenings, but who knows?

I’m a blog as the mood strikes me kind of girl. Today, it’s here. 😀

I know that is completely the opposite of what folks tell you to do if you plan on having readers, but this is me. One day after any potential blog readers have moved on to “greener” blogs, this is where my children will visit from time to time if for no other reason than to remember.

All of that aside- it’s not the reason I’m blogging today so I will just jump to the point.

This has been such a season of change for our family.

Every single time I sit down, I do intend to type this story, something comes up and I never get to finish.

Back to the beginning, who is Daniel, you might ask?

Oh, well THAT is a story.

Some time back, Courtney shared with me that she had been feeling she wanted to be married and have a family of her own.

We belong to a small church and a small community. It’s not the easiest thing to meet someone, and frankly, it wouldn’t be the best thing to look at every young man as a potential mate, anyway. Should the Lord decide to move that way, that is one thing, but I think sometimes folks try to force the issue. It’s not the best thing for anyone.

We waited for the Lord to move. Each year that passed she would sit and wait quietly. She has always been a blessing to our home and in our home. At her age (25 years), she has become such a friend to me and has stood firm by my side through my mom’s death, her father’s travels, and so many other things- too many to count.

I prayed over her many times. I didn’t just ask the Lord to send her someone. I asked the Lord to grow her and prepare her heart for *whatever* her future might hold.

It was me who suggested that she consider joining a reformed Christian singles site. Not just to meet a man, but to meet other young folks her age.

Honestly, I would have never even considered such an option earlier in her life. I thought it would somehow mean that I was taking control away from GOD (as if I could do such a thing). I’m thankful the Lord has delivered me from that prideful thinking. I have learned to appreciate our modern day so much more- just because methods have changed doesn’t mean that He isn’t moving! I do have so much more to say about this, but I won’t other than that it’s been sad to watch people make their quick judgements. I used to be those people. The Lord has and continues to deliver me from having “haughty eyes”. I think it may take my entire lifetime. May He take out every single bit.

Back to the story. She met so many joyful young people and has developed wonderful friendships from her time on the site. She is still in contact with several of them (all young women)- I believe they will most likely be life-long friends.

Daniel wrote to Paul not too long after Courtney had joined.

He seemed nice enough but he was from the other side of the world! (Australia, to be exact!)

He and Courtney seemed to hit it off pretty quickly and had many of the same beliefs and desires for their future. At some point, Courtney laughed and told me she had told him if they were going to continue chatting, he was going to have to come here to get to know her.

Daniel didn’t hesitate.

He made plans and traveled here to be with our family for most of last summer.

It was fun to learn about his home. He went right along with us to the farmer’s market last year. He celebrated birthdays and became part of the family.

In the fall when his VISA was almost done, he needed to go home. I remember his having a conversation with Emma. She was so sad her birthday was coming and he wouldn’t be here to celebrate. He assured her he would try his best to be back by her birthday. That didn’t work out and he missed that date- our government kept him from coming for months.

He was sad. Courtney was sad. The entire family was sad. I had never known what it was like to have one of my children so far from me, but that is exactly how that felt!

I’ll skip all the sorted details of this year. It has been long. There has been a whole lot of red tape.

In the end, he returned to America.

They married on September 8th. (Click over to read HER STORY and for more photos!.)

wedding 1 - www.LinesFromTheVine.com


wedding2- www.LinesFromTheVine.com www.LinesFromTheVine.com

They had an absolutely beautiful wedding in our back yard. Paul performed the ceremony. It was everything she had ever said she wanted.

They are happy. Daniel is an honorable young man. He is literally every single thing I could have ever prayed and asked the Lord for Courtney.

They are learning to work together as husband and wife. I love to hear Courtney talk about him leading in their evening Bible study (something I love that Paul does in our home!).

He is one of the most intelligent young men I have ever met and he works so hard.

He loves Courtney BIG. She adores and loves him.

It has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life.

I have spent literally all of my adult years having babies and raising them to have a life of their own, and here she is…

wedding2- www.LinesFromTheVine.com



Please pray that the Lord might abundantly bless these two as they grow each and every day.

Oh…and he was here for Emma’s birthday this year! 😀

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