ETHAN Project: Enjoy the Sound!

Are you still following the Ethan Project for summer ideas?

The summer is almost over. We only have a few challenges left but it isn’t too late to join along.

This week’s assignment is “Enjoy the Sound”.

Paul and I have had an extra-special blessing this week. It’s been easy to “enjoy the sound”.

Meet Gabriel Elijah, our very first grand-baby.

He was born just this morning.

He is absolutely beautiful and makes the sweetest sounds.

Today, I am a grandmother. I am a someone’s grandmother. That just feels odd and wonderful!

These were some of his very first sounds:

It’s one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. I’ll be posting more about his arrival later (when I’ve had a little more sleep!).

My first son with first son.
You can hop over to Grounded and Surrounded to read how other ladies have been “enjoying the sound”.

Next week’s challenge is to “Enjoy Something New”.

Do you have something new you would like to try but just haven’t made the time?
This is the week!

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