Today I’m Thankful For (1000 Gifts)

  • Beehive boxes and frames being assembled in my living room. Painting is next!
  • The progress we’ve made in the little boy room- the walls are almost painted. Next is to finish the trim and floor. Then it’s time for the fun part!
  • New walls Jacob has been hanging that will frame out the bedrooms downstairs. He is doing such a great job! This will create a hall between the bedrooms downstairs and the stairs that lead upstairs.
  • Courtney who is my daughter, but has become one of my most trusted, true friends.
  • My study in Leviticus (This book has always been a challenge to me but I’ve enjoyed what the Lord has revealed to me through those pages in recent weeks. I’m truly thankful for Jesus.)

2 thoughts on “Today I’m Thankful For (1000 Gifts)

    1. Sarah, I’m DEFINITELY blogging about the bees! 😀 We are super excited about this project. We may not have the actual bees until winter since we are going to try and catch a swarm before we make the investment. Courtney and I are already on the state beekeepers list so if someone phones and makes a report they need bees removed, we will be contacted.

      I am very grateful for the relationship with my grown daughter. The Lord has blessed me abundantly. I remember being told so many times that I would hate my children as they started their teen years. I’m so thankful that was never the case and she is more precious to me now than ever before. <3

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