Matthew’s 15th Birthday

Matthew’s name means “Gift of God”.

That certainly is what he is to our family.

To celebrate this year, he invited a friend over for dinner. We had the most delicious chocolate cake with chocolate-coffee icing.

I have very much loved this last year with Matthew.

Joshua has now left the house for a home of his own. Jacob is working full time. Courtney works during the day which leaves Matthew to hang with me while there is grocery shopping or errands to run.

I enjoy speaking with him about all sorts of things. He tries out his latest jokes. I’m always grateful for those moments. I love him so much.

These days, he is very much taller than I. He wears a size 14EEE tennis shoe (I’m not kidding!). I’m wondering just how tall he will be when he’s finished growing!

He is learning Italian and harmonica. He is a whiz at math and can memorize just about anything.

When he smiles, his whole face smiles. I love to hear him laugh.

We’ve seen many positive things in his life this year. He has grown and matured. I can’t wait to see what this new year brings!!

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