Tracy / December 11, 2013

Not much to report today.

I managed to insulate most of the new bedroom. Of course, that meant pulling out the Great Stuff. (In case you missed that first fiasco, you can read HERE.)

I was amazed what a difference insulation can make. As I finished, the room became warmer and warmer. I had no idea it was so drafty before! We ended up cracking the window because it was becoming uncomfortably warm. I’m looking forward to it being finished.

As I was working on the walls, Matt was hanging the insulation in the ceiling. This is him saying, “Mom. Mom…please don’t take my….”. Well, you get the idea. 😀

Too late.

Jacob started working on the closet drywall.

I hope this room is looking more like a bedroom in the next few days. It’s exciting to see the changes!

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