The Appraisal

Tracy / November 6, 2013

I’m always amazed how the Lord works in our lives.

This past year, my husband has planned and managed multiple huge home renovations. Normally, he will plan to do some upgrades here and there, but it is never like it has been this year.

We knew when we moved in, this home was a great size for our family, but it needed lots of work. The previous owner offered to hold the mortgage for us (with no interest!) but the agreement was we would seek financing when she passed (she was in her mid-80’s at the time).

We’ve spent these years trying to pay off as much as we could, and have made a substantial dent in the payments. This past Friday, we were notified of her passing.

I felt many emotions…I guess feeling so bad for her family. I know the pain of losing my mom.

Also, just thinking through the time I spent with her when we were buying the house. I know she loved this house. In the end, she told us she was happy to know such a large family would be living here. Her husband had always imagined lots of children in this home.

Of course, at the end of the day, now we have to seek financing for the remainder of the home. The Lord willing, we’ll have it paid off within the next 5 years.

Before it can be finalized, we have to have an appraisal done of the house.

For those of you who have done this before, if you live in a “normal” home, I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal.

We have never had an appraisal done on a home.

I’ve been reading and things standing out to me are phrases like, “be sure there are no unfinished spaces in the house”.


This entire house is one big unfinished space!

We are in our local LOWE’S so much the greeter knows my children. The window guy spent an hour and a half with me YESTERDAY. The kitchen man knows me by name and knows details of my family….we follow each other on Pinterest.

I’m convinced they will send me a thank-you card by the end of this year.

That was all BEFORE a pending appraisal.

So now, we switch into the speed zone.

I am RELIEVED my husband has felt the need to really push to have things done this year. It definitely helps that so much of this work is behind us…but there is more. Much more.

I have unfinished floors. One whole side of my house still needs to be sided. We have no central HVAC (the guys doing the basement needed to take it out to pour the floor and it hasn’t been re-installed. I need to make that appointment today!). I have one room after another that still needs much work done.

Then there are the children. The older ones are a little easier on the house. They don’t find joy in coloring on walls and floors and anything else that stays still more than a moment. The others may be are not quite there just yet.

I’m in scheduling mode. Anyone willing to use a paintbrush or lay tile is welcome to visit.

All the things that need to be done (by room):

My planning notebook (yes, I realize my dates are off by a day….):

I may be a little resentful over the rain this morning since that will delay my yard work by a day.

Now that I’ve shared my little meltdown with you, enjoy pictures of my almost finished lattice across the front of the porch.

(…still kicking myself for allowing the over-spray of paint when we did the porch)

I’m off to figure out how to properly sand drywall, do phonics, and find time to run a brush through my hair.

It should be a fun 45 days, y’all!

Here are some of the details of TODAY’s projects:

I need to touch up the mailbox paint.

We’re working on the lower hall trim.

Finishing the caulk and blinds on the new window in the hall.

Beginning to clear one of our basement room are are turning into a bedroom.

We’re working on the pantry that has been sitting unfinished for more than a year. This will involve drywall work and paint. Wish me luck! Drywall makes me nervous!!

Just for fun…this is just a portion of what came out of that pantry.

Courtney repaired our popcorn ceiling last night. Today, it will need paint. Honestly, I would love to see all of this go. For now, it just needs to be repaired.

While at LOWE’s yesterday, I dropped by their clearance plants. I found two of these…they are just what I’ve wanted for my front flower beds at 50% off!!! Awesome!

Jacob will be installing these on the front porch:

Hopefully, they will look better than this:

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  1. Bless your heart! We are slowly doing some things here at our house. Our house was built (very solid) about 17 years ago. I just don;’t like the things that they picked out for the kitchen or bathrooms. Unfortunately, those are the most expensive things to remodel. McKenzie pushed me to do the front bathroom first. It is almost done. 🙂 I am really anxious to do our kitchen. Hoping in the late winter/spring…….. IF we get a decent tax refund!
    I hope you guys get it all done! It looks like a great house!

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