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Tracy / September 8, 2013

So the big baby naming has started in the Lambert home.

It’s still so early in this process…Paul and I usually have friendly arguments for months while we’re waiting for the expected arrival of a new Lambert.

In the end, we spend a great deal of prayer on the baby’s name and suddenly it’s there.  I’ve been praying.

Here’s what I have so far:

If baby is a girl-

I definitely want to give her my mom’s name, Renee, as a middle name.  Darby was supposed to have been Darby Renee.  Mama always fussed about us wanting to name a baby after her.

I wish I had done it anyway.

Joyanna Renee sounds beautiful to me.  Joy for obvious reasons.  Anna would come from the old testament prophetess.

Moriah is one I really like.  It means “seen by YAHWEH”.

That said, Joshua wants her to be a Bethany.  Bethany means “house of figs”.  I love the name.  I’m just not loving it for this baby.

Today, he also mentioned Rachel.  Rachel Renee is not going to work.

Maranatha is a favorite for me right now.  Maranatha Renee seems so pretty.  Maranatha means “come, Lord!”.

If baby is a boy-

I LOVE Jeremiah right now.  Jeremiah means “YAHWEH has uplifted”.  I do feel like this baby is an uplifting, joyful experience for us in the midst of sorrow.  What a wonderful little gift.  The name just seems to fit.

Abraham means “father of many” ….now that’s promising as someone who would like LOTS of grandbabies!

Elijah means “my God is YAHWEH”.

Nathaniel means “God has given”.

So what are your thoughts?

We’ve never been parents to have baby names all ready when we found out we were expecting.  Please be praying as we seek the Lord’s leading!

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