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Tracy / September 6, 2013

It’s official.

Timothy has been sick since 4 this morning.

Emma is also sick.  She asked at 5 to get into the shower. She’s been in and out of my bed the rest of the morning.

She’s following me on and off with her bucket now.

ALL of the older folks in the house agree any of us would rather be sick than for Emma to be sick.

This may get interesting.

So far, my pregnant tummy is tolerating all of this stomach virus stuff ok.

Pregnancy nausea and stomach bug don’t usually make good partners, but the Lord has been good to me and given me what can only be supernatural strength to deal with these ailing little folks.

The good news is that NONE of the older children have gotten sick. I’m praying this one is isolated to the little folks, but we’ll see.

Our count so far: 5 Lamberts down, 9 left.

In other Lambert news, THIS happened yesterday:

I remember this little guy cutting this tooth and now it’s falling out?

He was such a brave little man.

He first asked for Josh. He was at the chiropractor.

Then he asked for Jacob. He was at work.

When Tim saw he had lost a tooth, he said, “so Mama had to pull it? I’m really sorry.”


I have been pulling teeth now for 16 years. (Not to mention the prior experience with my own teeth!)

No, I don’t provide headphones and music (I NEVER got to listen to elevator music when my teeth were being pulled and hey, I survived!). No, I don’t massage their head while I’m pulling, (and I almost think that one borders on the ridiculous!).

Yes, I do lament over their baby years being gone and how they are just going to grow big teeth and look like a big kid (and those baby teeth becoming big teeth do that- almost overnight!). The eye-rolling is just part of the overall experience as I recount as many of their baby days, as possible.

Still. I think it was a bit harsh.

My babies are growing. I’ve loved these years with them.

2 thoughts on “saying good morning

  1. Officially, best picture ever. I can relate to the mom comment. What is with that?? Schyler would even prefer her dad to brush her hair, and I think we ALL know the irony there!

  2. Oh, dear, this brings back such horrible childhood memories! My mom was the one who pulled my teeth. She would make this little circle in the end of a piece of thread, put that circle around my tooth, work the thread down under my tooth, tighten the thread knot, and then JERK the tooth out! The VERY WORST part of the whole ordeal was standing there FOREVER while she got the thread down over the tooth ready for the “jerk.” It makes me salivate just to think about it! When I had my own kids, they had to pull their own. I could not stand to put them through the torture I remember. 🙂

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