Daily Life

I’m exactly 40 weeks today!

It seems the time has flown by ….these “baby-growing” months have been filled with daily activities that seem to make the time go by so quickly, I can hardly remember where it has gone.

I see marked signs….the children grow, changes are made to our home….new seasons of life begin, it seems, each and every day in one way or another.

This last week has been full of emotion in our home. While we’re preparing to usher in a new life…a precious, sweet gift from God, we lost a beloved family member. Today, while celebrating my time for our new baby, I’ll also be making a visit to the funeral home.

It’s bitter-sweet, to say the least.

I am very blessed to know that this dear Great Aunt was a believer….and I have had such fond memories of her. She was always a bundle of energy and just plain fun to be around.

If you had ever heard her laugh or seen her smile, you would never forget.

She was a lovely woman, and I loved her. She will be deeply missed.

I’m thankful to know this is not good-bye and that one day, just like with my Great-Grandmother, I’ll be able to say hello and see her smile again.

Until that time, daily life continues.

Her life is just one more reminder to make the most of each moment, they do pass so quickly.

If you think on it, please be praying for my extended family- especially, her children and grandchildren and her two sisters.

With love,

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