Growing Up

Babies grow so quickly…I just don’t know where the time goes! Emma now has 3 teeth and just yesterday, started crawling across the floor then stopping to sit up. I almost wanted to cry. In so many ways, I wish that I could keep her little and then again, looking at my older children, I realize that I really like the people that they are becoming. I look forward to seeing each way they are growing every day. Courtney trying a new recipe or Joshua organizing his boy scout troop…things that were once just a hope for them are now becoming the practice. I’m so proud of them. I look forward to seeing who my precious Emma will some day be. Will she laugh at her Dad’s corny jokes? Will she enjoy helping decorate and rearrange the home? Will she too, treat a baby in the house (we hope God blesses us with many more!!) like they are the most special gift that could only have been sent from above?

Today I wanted to share a link to an article that was featured at LAF. Though I’m not going to argue whether the article is spiritually correct, I think that it should cause us to pause and think about those things in which we expose ourselves.

It is true, we live in a society where the norm is becoming to mention those things that should remain private. I see this more often myself when it pertains to mothers of large families. There are those who, in “fun” will mention very private parts of our lives, leaving us feeling like we have just been “exposed” to the world! I don’t know when it became O.K. to talk about these moms in this way, but I find it bizarre that it’s O.K. for a Mom who has 5 children but the same people would never think about speaking on such intimate topics about a Mom of 2 or 3. I think that if nothing else, this would “embarrass the angels” to no end.

Babies are a gift from God.

My husband always says that it is an evil world and one true way to know is that “good is evil and evil is good”. There are so many horrible things going on in our society…it is an evil world when rather than dealing with sin, we would choose, as a society, to turn our focus and our comments on moms.

The angels are blushing ladies! If you are a Mom to a large family, I applaud you…I *know* how much work goes into what you do on a daily basis…I know what it feels like when someone walks up and makes a comment not caring that your other children are listening or not caring that for that moment, they leave you feeling dirty and hurt. Remember that God has a plan for you…God has a plan for each and every precious child you have in your home. “The angels” know the eternal consequence of what you are doing daily in your home.

Prayer Requests

The Schultz family, this God fearing Dad of a large family passed yesterday after a struggle with cancer. Please pray for those he leaves.

My husband, that his day be productive.

Our home, the Lord is leading me to examine every area of our home to be sure that the things that I’m doing on a daily basis are those things that He would have me spend time on.

My dear friend Christy, she would have a great day!

My Grandmother, hurt her back…she is also supposed to be returning to the Dr. this week for a recheck on her foot and to evaluate whether or not she will need surgery for it to be reset.

Today, I’m Thankful For

Friends that God has sent to me.

The health of my children.

The weather being nice enough for the children to have a picnic over the weekend.

My son, Jacob(10), who woke up this morning at 5 when his Dad left and decided to bless my day by making my bed up for me! My children are so sweet!

A little squirrel that I’ve been watching in my yard playing this morning! They are so much fun to watch!

Tracy’s Task

Yesterday we worked on a gift closet. Today, you are going to start your master list for your holiday planner. Take time to think on and list all of the people that you normally buy gifts for throughout the year. Make a list of the potential gifts (including the homemade gift list you worked on a couple of days ago!). Write out names, ages, birthdays, anniversaries and don’t forget Christmas! You might also want to include things like thank you gifts, hostess gifts, cheer up gifts and gifts for teachers. This is also a good place to include notes about each person that might give you hints on gifts they might like…for instance, likes and dislikes, hobbies or decorating styles.

Tomorrow, we’re going to start discussing stocking a gift closet!

What I’m Learning

Just about any stain that you need to remove from clothing will come out if you soak them overnight in a solution of water and Biz all color bleach. I learned this from a lady in my area that owns a consignment store. She told me that she goes to our local thrift store each morning, purchases clothing that is marked down due to stains, soaks them overnight in Biz, and then launders them through a regular cycle to then re-sale in her store. IT works!

Today’s Scripture Meditation

1 Cor 14:20-21

“Brothers, stop thinking like children. In regard to evil be infants, but in your thinking be adults. In the Law it is written: “Through men of strange tongues and through the lips of foreigners I will speak to this people, but even then they will not listen to me,” says the Lord.”

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