Finished Sewing Projects

If you could see the sewing “to-do” list I’m working from, you would gasp!

I was telling a dear friend a couple of days ago, maybe it’s a problem stemming from having babies almost 20 years apart….but, I can’t find some of my “basics” I usually like to have on hand. Things like baby gowns and changing pads. This shouldn’t be so difficult! (I did manage to find some baby gowns at a local store last week but they aren’t made very well, so, I’m guessing they wouldn’t make it through more than one baby.)

For now, I’m sewing most of what I need. It’s fun and definitely a great way to pass the time while we’re waiting.

These are a couple of our most recently finished projects:


This set is actually a baby gift for a friend! I really like using to different fabrics from the front and back…I think I might start making more like these.
Courtney and I were blessed to have our sweet neighbors over Friday afternoon. They came with a sewing machine and willingness to pitch in and help with our work. We finished projects in an afternoon that would normally have taken us a couple of days.

Praise the Lord!!

2 thoughts on “Finished Sewing Projects

  1. You always make the “purdiest” things for your babies. It’s wonderful that each one has their own little special things when they arrive…..something you have made just for them. It’s great that you can find the time for sewing and actually have family and friends to join you. As I have said in the past, I only know a couple of ladies that sew (but rarely, if ever do). Any other modern woman is apalled that I would suggest we make something rather than shop for the latest fashion at the mall. I love to find the time to make myself a nice, modest jumper! What fun to choose the fabric and sew something for oursleves, or a loved one that was our very own creation, and not some over-paid designer somewhere. You have inspired me to make something to celebrate spring, and maybe some warmer weather!

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