August 4, 2010

It’s been an exciting day…

live catfish delivered to the door this morning means Joshua and Jacob will be hard at work this afternoon.

After the last catfish experience, Joshua is less than excited.

The other boys are counting minutes until dinner time.

This should make for a fun afternoon!!

Jacob, has developed a NesQuick habit.

I won’t buy it for him (bad mom, I know). He saved his money to buy a personal box. He’s in the kitchen now stirring, stirring, stirring.


We had family and friends over for an afternoon of fun yesterday….

my children had the BEST time…


I got to hold the baby.

Ahhhh…that tiny baby smell. It was all joy!

Courtney made her weekly trip to the library–

I am looking especially forward to one book in particular:

I guess that’s it for now. Not much to say today. Are you surprised?? *smile*

Prayer Requests

  • Joshua- (not our Joshua) was cut this morning which resulted in 9 staples. Please keep him in your prayers.
  • Paul’s cousin, Lisa and her expected Grandchildren

Today I’m Thankful For

  • Not being eaten by a bear while walking
  • Not having a child eaten by a bear while playing in the yard
  • Not seeing a bear in my yard
  • Helpful man on the phone to put my bear fears to rest
  • FEET THAT DON’T HURT so much that if I see a bear I can’t run
  • …one more, this little guilty pleasure left from my birthday….

Today’s Scripture Meditation

“This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it–the LORD is his name, ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”- Jeremiah 33:2-3

Wishing you well today, my friends.

With my love,

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