ETHAN Project: Enjoy the Drive

We have had the best summer.

There have been so many memories made and many projects completed. I don’t remember another summer when we were able to accomplish so much.

This week’s ETHAN project assignment was to Enjoy the Drive.

As it happened, Paul had a work trip to Tampa, Florida and asked me to join him for a few days.

It rained and rained and rained, but Florida is amazingly beautiful. It was still a lovely drive and it was actually a little cooler than here at home.

I tried Japanese food for the first time. It was delicious and light- I’ve already started pinning some recipes I would like to try. One favorite was a ginger/carrot/celery dressing. It was amazing.

We also stopped by Freddy’s. If you’ve never eaten at a Freddy’s, you really must.

We got to see alligators.

We visited Indian Rocks Beach. As was the case most of the entire rest of the week, it was raining, but we still walked along the coastline as the sun was going down.

The sand was different than any I’ve seen before. I’m always amazed how different the sand is between beaches.

We picked up shells.

Mostly, we just spent some time. He wasn’t by himself and I didn’t have to miss him this week.

It was a pretty perfect week and we enjoyed the drive very much.

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Enjoy the mess is the last challenge of the summer. It’s not too late to do something memorable this summer. (Although honestly, this challenge scares me just a little.)

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