ETHAN Project: Enjoy the Mess!

Tracy / August 11, 2015

The last week of the summer 2015 ETHAN Project assignments has arrived.

We’ve enjoyed each week of this project- each one brought an adventure.

We made lots and lots of memories.

“Enjoy the Mess” is the final assignment.

I’ll admit, this one gave me a little bit of a scare. I mean, I spend lots and lots of time trying NOT to make a mess, and now I’m supposed to make one?

I decided to just spend the day having fun with my kiddos.

We really didn’t worry about the mess we were making and there were lots of giggles…lots of “COOL” from my older children. We just had a good time.

I looked over my Pinterest boards, and one single project stood out in my mind.

I picked up my roll of duck tape and a roll of heavy gauge painters plastic and started taping.

For the morning project, I divided the tap in half and then in half again. I cut and taped along those edges to give me two wider sections. I then taped the long edges together.

I taped about half of one of the short ends together and all but about a foot and a half of the opposite short end.

We hooked up a fan and made our own indoor wind tunnel. The children and I played inside of that thing for hours! They brought Duplos and baby dolls.

They talked to Daddy on the other side of the tunnel. We had a great time.

After nap time, I taped one short end together completely and all but about an inch and a half of the other end. I added a tube of blue food coloring and started filling the plastic with water.

It never got terribly thick, but it was a few inches. My younger children stayed out playing on that big water mat a good bit that afternoon. My youngest was more excited about the mud puddles and enjoying life in his diaper.

I know it’s been hot but there is something about adding water to the warm summer air that makes for a perfect afternoon!

Definitely, FUN IN THE SUN.

This was one of my favorite projects of the summer!

…and “Mr. 2” who dressed himself for the water play:

How about you? Do you have a favorite memory from this last summer?

I’m sad to see this project ending.

I’ve learned a great deal from the ladies over at Grounded and Surrounded about blogging and they have given me great ideas for making memories with my own children.

If you have a chance, pop over and see how the bloggers are finishing their summer.

Thank you, Sammi and Sarah for all of your hard work and for allowing me to be part. It was a blast!

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