ETHAN Project- Week 4- Enjoy the Water

It has been scorching this past week, in the deep south.

We’ve planned most of our activities around the rising temps and while we’ve worked and played outside in the early morning and late hours (like our early morning blueberry picking), the middle of the day has been a good time to focus on inside projects.

This week’s Ethan Project assignment was to enjoy the water.

I have so many good memories as a child of summer fun with water.

My two favorite were summer visits with family to Point Mallard, a huge wave pool in our state, and this:

I would love to know exactly how many kids broke arms playing on this slide. (…and if you weren’t careful to move all the rocks in your yard- YOUCH.)

I’m sure there has to be a statistic some place. You never slid like the commercial shows. It was disappointing at the time but something about the water, the heat, and being a kid made me want to keep sliding (or scooting….). I spent entire summers covered in bruises from that thing.

How in the world has it become a favorite, nostalgic memory for me?
There is not enough Dawn dish soap in the world to make me want to ever do it again, but those summers were just So. Much. Fun.

Sweet memories- they actually make me miss my mom. She was always trying to do things to make summer fun each year. She worked full-time so she didn’t have a lot of free time, but she always managed to fit in things that made good memories.

Yesterday, was Meredith’s birthday.

I was busy cake making and spending a little time with Courtney but after nap time, we worked on our ETHAN Project assignment for the week.

A few weeks back, I mixed a little food coloring with water and froze it into ice cube trays.

We used them to water color paint on paper.

I didn’t even think about putting aprons on the children (Mommy fail!), but they had a fantastic time and made beautiful water-colored pictures (and their hands were fun colors for the rest of the day, lol!).

It was a great afternoon and I hope they made a new memory just like the memories I have from childhood summers when I was a girl.

We have had a great summer, so far.

I think my favorite memory has been taking the boys to the place their papa proposed to me (Share the View!), but we certainly enjoyed the pizza and new crust (Enjoy the Flavor!), last week, and the time I spent with just my dear husband was priceless (Enjoy Friendship!).

It’s not too late to join along with the ladies over at Grounded and Surrounded if you would like to participate! The summer program is almost half over but there are still opportunities to make some great memories with your children.

Next week’s assignment, “Enjoy the Sky”, is perfect since we’ll be celebrating July 4th.

So how about you?

Did you do something exciting with your family this week to make a special memory??

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