The ETHAN Project- Week 1

I asked this morning on Facebook if there are friends from childhood you wish you could find again.

Christy R., was my childhood friend.

We went through a few grades together. She spent some time at my house and I spent lots of time with her. I was always amazed at her big, Italian family. I remember her mom brushing her hair before school, eating the most delicious meatballs at her grandmother’s after church on Sunday mornings, and playing Barbies for endless hours.

I have often wondered what happened to her. I think the last time we spoke, I was in highschool. I’ve tried to find her through the years, but have had no success. Perhaps the Lord will allow us to meet again at some point.

How about you? Do you have childhood friends you wish you could spend time with again?

This week is all about friendship.

I mentioned in this post a few weeks back, that I was going to be more intentional with this summer.

I want to end the summer knowing I have made the most of *every* moment and *every* day.

I want to walk away with new memories and new skills.

I want to sit back and laugh about things we’ve done and shared– I want my children to
say at the end of the summer it was the best ever!

That is what the ETHAN Project is all about…helping busy moms plan memorable days for their family, while simplifying their blogging process.

Week 1 of the ETHAN challenge has begun.

This week’s challenge was to make the time to spend with a friend you may not have had much time with lately.

As I considered how to best spend my time on this project, I came to one conclusion.

This week’s challenge needed to be spent with my husband (and very best friend), Paul.

We were able to spend some great time together in Texas a while back but since returning home, life has just been zooming by and there has just not been time for us.

We were off on a road trip to Tennessee. We may have even stopped for a coffee drink on the way (Pilot has the BEST coffee drinks…which for me is really cocoa. :D).

What about you? Do you have someone you would like to sit and chat with for a while?

Let me take some time to encourage you to make the time. We are never guaranteed another minute.

It’s not too late to join me for the ETHAN Project.

If you post by June 10th, let me know and I’ll feature your post here.

Next week’s theme is to share something beautiful- something you love, with your children.

I’m making plans to share a place I love with my children. I’ll share more details next week.

What about you?

Is there a place you have always loved, but never made the time to share it with your family?

This is the time!

Please write and share your story with me.

Leave me a comment and tell me about your own childhood friend.

Also, what kind of adventures do you have planned with your own children this summer? Let’s make it one to remember!

4 thoughts on “The ETHAN Project- Week 1

  1. Oh, this is a great idea! I’ve recently met with some friends that I’ve known online for a while, but never met. So, I’m counting that for this! A few friends that I was once very close to, though had drifted apart, have died. I’d love the chance to sit with them and talk some more and try to tell them more about the love of God, but I rest in knowing God’s will was done in their lives, albeit short.

  2. I love going out for coffee with my husband too! Although, over here we don’t have Pilot. There are a few close friends from high school that I’ve lost contact with and would love to reconnect with. Numbers have changed, addresses too. Hopefully we’ll cross our paths again soon. 🙂 I look forward to reading your future #ETHANproject posts 🙂

  3. I graduated from high school in Kansas 51 years ago. Ours was a class of 15. I had lost contact with all of them until a few years ago when several of us connected via Facebook. It was great to catch up after over 40 years. Every 5 years our high school has an all school reunion (since the classes were so small). This past Memorial Day weekend, all of our class except 4 (2 could not make it and 2 were deceased) met together at the reunion. We had dinner together at a restaurant and then met the house we own there for desserts. It was a GREAT time of reminiscing! One of the ladies was my best friend in grade school and one was my best friend in high school. We love keeping in touch through FB.

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