goals for last week

Tracy / September 9, 2013

Funny how an illness can come in and wipe out your plans.  This is where I ended last week-

My goals for last week:

(1)  Finish one book on MY reading list
(2)  Finish one book on the children’s reading list
(3)  Exercise at least FOUR times (I managed three…)
(4)  Homeschool
(5)  Begin clean up of our yard (I ordered a dumpster for the debris this morning!)
(6)  Insulate the first part of our basement
(7)  Order fall chicks
(8)  Finish dresses for my girls I have started
(10) Finalize the fall schedule and post on the laundry door for my family

We also will have the following things added to our calendar:

Visit with Grandmother
My first OB appointment
Gather supplies for a family project
Visit feed and seed for hay and chicken feed
Have dinner guest over this week

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