As we go through our days, always striving to make this house more home, this quote was especially meaningful to me this morning:

“it had a heart and a soul, and eyes to see with, and approvals and solicitudes and deep sympathies; it was of us, and we were in its confidence and lived in its grace and in the peace of its benedictions.  We never came home from an absence that its face did not light up and speak out in the eloquent welcome- and we could not enter it unmoved.”                  —Samuel Clemons (Mark Twain)

The Lord has given us a home.  I walk through the rooms and on the floors and look through the windows and feel a particular responsibility to creating an atmosphere (a canvas, really), that will nurture my family and welcome them.

It’s an awesome responsibility-  one that should be carried through with joy and diligence.

How will you spend your day?

I’m inching my way back to my to-do lists.  This is where I’ll spend my time today:

  • Take photos of Darby and Meredith painting
  • Prepare for overnight guests
  • Send a card to a dear friend
  • Menu plan and make a quick trip to the grocery
  • Prepare for next week’s school assignments/school work with my littles today
  • Work on ancestry site (a work in-progress)
  • Spend some time planning dates for hubby and I for the coming weeks

I’m sure there are some things I’m leaving off-

What are you plans for today?  Spend time with the Lord- ask Him to direct your paths on this beautiful summer day!

With my love,


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