This week in our home….

I’ve been feeling a bit “under the weather”.

I apparently found a nasty little bug and it just doesn’t seem to want to leave.

If you think on it, please keep me in your prayers. It’s not much fun to manage a family when you aren’t feeling well.

We have managed to continue with our home projects.

Our pantry now has the third coat of drywall mud on the ceiling. For our first drywall project, I’m feeling positive about what I’m seeing. I hope my optimism will pay off!

We’re also continuing to work to install wood flooring in one of the bedrooms.

Paul helped Jacob rip the initial plywood (we’re doing plywood to plank flooring). Jacob installed most of the wood on the floor by himself, and then Joshua stepped in to help him finish it up one day last week.

I LOVE to see progress!

This picture is after sanding and the stain has been applied:

Hopefully, by the next posting, we’ll have the poly being applied.

I’ll post an entire tutorial on how we’re installing and finishing our floor in the coming weeks!

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