ETHAN Project- Week 5- Enjoy the Sky!

So, I’m a little late this week with my ETHAN Project posting.

We have had such a full week- my computer time has been low on the priority list.

This week’s ETHAN Project assignment was “Enjoy the Sky”.

It’s fun to see how I was “enjoying the sky”, even outside of the assignment. This week has found me sitting by our lake watching the sun rise, and the sun fall. We’ve watched for stars and planets. We’ve watched clouds rolling in and storms forming.

This week’s assignment was very well timed since our annual 4th of July party was on Saturday.

Whether we were watching fireworks or water balloons flying through the air, it was a great time to enjoy the sky!

We ended up with about 80 folks at our home Saturday. While many were sweet friends we have known for years, a few were new- and some were family. (Many of our friends ARE family.)

We had the best time in spite of rain.

It is always a blessing for our family to share our home with others.

There was lots of laughter, (and I finally learned to play Yahtzee!). We created some beautiful memories.

I’m working on next week’s assignment for Grounded and Surrounded. (If you have some time, pop over to their site and read how some other creative ladies spent their week!)

The week’s theme is “Enjoy the Dirt”. Being that I have 13 children (8 of which are boys), our life is FULL of dirt.  I can’t wait to see what plays out this week!

How about you? How has your summer been, so far? I’m six weeks into this challenge . Time has flown by and I’m reminded that the summer is passing quickly.

It’s not too late to take the time to create some awesome memories with your family and friends!


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