Happy 8th Birthday, Jonathan!

Jon turned 8 years old this week.

How did that happen so fast?

He has been acting more “8” and less “7” recently.

He is a very sweet little boy- always full of joy and big ideas and lots of things to tell me.

He reminds Paul and I a great deal of Joshua when he was his age.

Jon asked for a new Bible, a bicycle helmet and LEGOS for his birthday.

He also wanted a LEGO cake for his birthday. When I first asked, it was a LEGO cake with burning buildings, but eventually became a LEGO cake with LEGO men- in the end he got both.

This cake took us two days to make. (You can click through to this post for more of an explanation of how it was made.)

There are some things I would change…that rope the little men are climbing needed to be a tad bit further from the candles. *Sigh* So rope burns when you get it too close to a candle– it made for some excitement as Jon frantically began to try and blow out the blaze and everyone else was just continuing on with the “Happy Birthday” song.

He had a great birthday and made some sweet (literally!) memories.

Happy Birthday, my sweet son. May the Lord keep you and bless you and draw you ever
near to Him.

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