ETHAN Project- Enjoy the New!

When I began this summer, I never dreamed in a million years how amazing the ETHANProject would become for my family.

We have enjoyed each and every week this summer. Each one has been purposeful and fun. We have made memories and enjoyed time together.

We’ve revisited the place where my husband proposed.

We have painted. We have cooked. We have played.

During last week’s task, I heard my grandbaby’s (my very first grand-baby!) first cry.

This week’s assignment is Enjoy the New.

I’m typing and there are tears streaming and so much joy that my heart just overflows right on to the keyboard.

Just as I was beginning to find my own place as a new grandmother and with my family again (I was at the hospital for the beginning of the week), I realized I was not quite feeling like myself. On a whim (and assuming it would be negative), I took a pregnancy test and realized we are expecting a new baby.

My whole family is now rejoicing and enjoying the “new”.

My older children were here when I found out- my husband was away on business.

We are always so thankful for his return home but this return was filled full of extra excitement. We had planned to give him the news in grand style but in the end, his plane was delayed, as was his arrival home.

The news was broken quietly, but with no less excitement. It was my birthday which makes it all the more exciting. This little one is already adored.

The Lord is good.

The Lord has poured out more mercy and more joy on to me that I ever deserve.

It is with great joy that we announce we are expecting the newest addition to our family in April 2016 (I am so amazed to even be able to type those words!).

Please remember us in your prayers.

Thank you to the very smart ladies at Grounded and Surrounded who organized and planned this summer blogging project. If you have some extra time, drop in on them and see how other moms were “enjoying the new” this week! They spent a good deal of time organizing these projects to make the summer easier for moms.

Next week’s challenge begins soon. Enjoy the ride is bound to be full of adventure!

So what about you? Have you tried something new this week?

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