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Pumpkin Pie

Most of my family knows what my absolute favorite food in the world is… my Great-Grandmother used to make the… Continue reading »

Sweet Potato Casserole

There are probably almost as many sweet potato casserole recipes as people…everyone has their favorite! At our home, we prefer… Continue reading »

The Recipe Box

I don’t generally like recipes that call for a cake mix…something about making a homemade recipe with a box mix… Continue reading »

Water Restrictions!

Just when my little plants were showing promise, the city came around and announced mandatory water restrictions. At present, being… Continue reading »

Covering Our Humanity

Warning! This is going to be a long post today…. I’m trying so hard to eat and take better care… Continue reading »

I’m a Southern Girl!

On being Southern…. My children and I have talked quite a bit lately on being Southern. It seems that we… Continue reading »


This is my sour dough starter after not having stirred it for a day. I just wanted to let you… Continue reading »

Honeysuckle Wreaths

We’re on the move today. After a busy weekend, we’re buckling back down for a full week. On the list… Continue reading »