“WHAT are we making?” “EEWWWwwwww“, and then there were giggles all around. Mix equal parts of liquid starch and clear glue. Add a FEW drops of food coloring and mix well. (You may have to mix it some with your fingers.) *This slime will not stain your fingers after it has been mixed well! Also, the longer it’s worked, the…

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This Week’s Sewing Project

Tracy / February 24, 2015

We realized during our recent flu outbreak we were short some rice socks.  All the girls and I worked together to restock our supply and make some for gifts! This is an old, old, old tutorial for making a simple rice sock.

Birthday Gifts

Tracy / February 12, 2014

Some time ago, we shared a birthday gift we made for the daughter (well, one of them!), of our sweet friends, the Johnson family. Another daughter celebrated a birthday this past week so we decided to make one for her: I’m fascinated by names and their meanings. It was a huge blessing to work on this project and see the…

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pinterest project

Tracy / August 17, 2013

This week’s Pinterest project…. I’m happy with the results and it only took me about half an hour! Have you been working from your Pinterest boards recently? I would love to hear about your projects!

Jackson’s Hat

Tracy / February 4, 2013

We’ve been sewing…I actually made this a while back, but as usual, I post the pics as I have time. 😀

Lots of Work on Hope Chests….

Tracy / February 3, 2013

January found me making plans to add some specific items to my older 5 children’s hope chests (if you can call them that…they are, in reality, really big Rubbermaid boxes). Here are some quick picks on my progress: A thrifted find…one of the books on my list of “must-have’s” for each of the girls. For Courtney’s box…a fleece blanket A…

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Newest Project

Tracy / February 1, 2013

This is my latest FINISHED project: The frame was a spray-painted, thrifted find. I typed the quote up (with a little help from Courtney), and had it printed as an engineering print (something I learned about on Pinterest). I rubbed paint into it to age it and make it not look like just a printed sheet of paper. It hangs…

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Passing Time

Tracy / January 21, 2013

While I’m recovering, I’ve been making numbers for our house- Some wood, some paint, brass numbers from Walmart….a new craft project makes anyone feel better.

This Week on Pinterest- Pillowcase Nightgown

Tracy / November 5, 2012

Now this was a FANTASTIC idea! These gowns are made from pillowcases. We created them from THIS tutorial. I can’t even tell you how easy this tutorial was– the exception being the closure on the back. We had to improvise on the closure, but that was easy enough. We just made a button/loop closure at the top. Just think of…

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This Week on Pinterest- Wreath and Fall “L”

Tracy / October 15, 2012

I’m staying on top of these Pinterest projects. I fear having the ideas build up and sit there useless, so we’re trying to pick a few projects to try each week, (if time allows, more). This last week, we made the fall wreath for our door. I used the idea I found here. Our wreath was made from styrofoam (speaking…

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This Week on Pinterest– Pumpkin Pictures (October 2, 2012)

Tracy / October 3, 2012

We don’t celebrate Halloween, but I’m a sucker for fall decorations! About a year ago, we screwed little cup hooks into each of the bedroom doors. They are specifically for hanging little seasonal decorations. Just something to add a warm touch to the hall. 🙂 In any case, I loved this idea on Pinterest for fall. (Don’t you just love…

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