Book Review: Read Me a Bible Story 365

Tracy / September 30, 2015

Our evening devotions are one of my favorite times of the day. It’s that time when we can sit and snuggle in the living room. Daddy most often reads from the Bible or one of our family devotional books. We listen and ask questions.

It is a time to share concerns and prayer requests. The house begins to wind down for the day and everything is just a little more quiet, (which is a rare happening in this house!).

Read Me a Bible Story 365 is one of the books I received for review this month. It’s fun to look through these devotional books since we are always looking for the next book or topic for our nightly devotional time.

Details of this book include:

  • Hardback book
  • Gift dedication page in front of book
  • Approximately 222 pages
  • Stories broken down into dates to make reading a story a day easy
  • Scripture reference included for each story
  • Simple illustrations make the stories come to life as you read to your child
  • Illustrations are done in a variety of styles to hold a child’s interest
  • Written for children ages 4-8 years. (I found that my younger children also enjoyed these stories.)

I love that these stories are simplified so even my younger children understand (in a simple way) these stories they will hopefully be reading for themselves, from their own Bible, as they grow older.

Read Me a Bible Story 365 would make a good gift for parents who are just trying to learn how to teach devotions to their family during their own family time each day. The simple structure and stories are easy to read and understand. The scripture reference would allow the parent to go straight back to scripture, for their own reference, or maybe as a follow-up with older children.

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