Book Review: I Love You Even When

Never once did I ever doubt my mama loved me.

I have so many sweet memories of her.

She was never one to allow me to get away with just anything, but when I did make mistakes, she was always there to scoop me up, dust off my pain and tell me she loved me.

I hope my children realize the depths of my love.

I hope they know that no matter where they go, no matter what path they take, no matter where they end up in life, my love knows no boundaries. I am their mama.

I was loved with an amazing love by my mom. She knew I wasn’t perfect but she trained and loved me anyway, even when I strayed from the path she wished.

This month, I’ve been reviewing a little book for Tommy Nelson called I Love You Even When.

I love that the little bears have all come from different places to parents who made them their own.

I loved that the little cubs made mistakes, sometimes they just didn’t listen and their parents scooped them up, dusted them off, and loved them anyway.

I loved that even the parents made mistakes (after all, we sure do!). Life is one big exercise in making mistakes and learning from them. The children loved them in their short-comings because they learned from their parents.

What a beautiful story!

From the back:
“Misadventures, mishaps, and misbehavings lead these three adorable bear cubs to discover that Mama Bear and Papa Bear love them no matter what- even when they do wrong. Full of sweetness and silliness, this story reassures children that they are loved unconditionally- by their parents, their grandparents and God.”

I Love You Even When is a soft cover, rounded-edge book with 20 pages.

It would be a charming addition to any child’s library.

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for a review. The opinions are completely my own!

1 thought on “Book Review: I Love You Even When

  1. Thank you so much for the sweet words about my book. And I am so grateful you grew up knowing how much you were loved. It is so important to feel loved unconditionally. I had a wonderful time writing this story. My five grandchildren are such a blessing and we want them to know they are loved no matter what. Being the ages they are, they exhibit their strong wills quite frequently.
    I pray God will bless you and your family! Donna Keith

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