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Tracy / September 26, 2014

Have you taken the personality test over at Human Metrics?

We’ve had the older half of our family each take the test and have been spending the last few weeks comparing notes.

Not surprised at all by my results, I am an extrovert. I was surprised by some of the other things it said about my personality, but as I thought about it, I realized the results were completely accurate for me!

Do let me say (or write!), I think some of these traits could be used to excuse sin issues. I think I’m going to try to look at this as a way to realize I could have a tendency toward certain sin and I need to just be extra-cautious to seek the Lord in these areas.

I am one of only three extroverts in my family, (Jessica and Timothy). The rest are introverts! THAT explains a WHOLE LOT!

If you type you four letters into Pinterest, you can find all sorts of information about your type.

Ok, friends! Take the test. I want to know how you scored. Do you think it’s accurate??

2 thoughts on “Personality Tests

  1. I have taken the test several times from different websites, and I always come up as an ISTP. The results are spot on for me!
    I agree with you though: the results are NOT to be used as an excuse.
    However, taking the test has helped our family understand each other better, and when our weaknesses are identified, we can then exercise and strengthen them. When we know each other’s strengths, everyone can do what they’re best at, and work together as an efficient team!

    I have a couple tips:
    1, Take the test a second time, about a week later. (your results will be more accurate)
    2, If you have the time, take it from different websites. 41q, Truity, and Human Metrics are the most accurate.
    3, Keirsey (dot) com has detailed explanations which identify the strengths and weaknesses of each temperament. This is a very helpful website!

    1. Thanks for the additional information, Kelley Rose! I don’t even know why I find this whole thing so fascinating. I think it’s certainly given me more insight into my own family.

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