Today’s OB Appointment

Tracy / January 14, 2014

Though I know pregnancy in your 40’s has a bad reputation, I can honestly say, this has been my best pregnancy to date!

Today’s appointment found my blood pressure completely normal, and blood sugar lower than it has been with ANY of my other pregnancies.

I had NO edema.

The baby does have a two vessel umbilical cord but after reviewing my ultrasound, my OB says at this point, he looks completely great!

As of today’s ultrasound, he’s measuring 2 weeks further along and is estimated to weigh more than 2 pounds! (The biggest concern is that he might be small…)

This was my favorite picture…

He MOST CERTAINLY has Lambert boy feet (Jacob now wears a size 15 tennis shoe!)

How my heart wants to cry out praises to the Lord for such wonderful news! It was an absolutely perfect visit today.

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