Thanksgiving Night

Tracy / December 2, 2013

…and when we decorate tree #1!

Paul was scheduled to leave town on Friday so after our extended family had gone, we pulled out our tree and started decorating.

This is our family room tree…it’s covered in ornaments that have been given or made by the children. This year, we added some of my Mama’s ornaments. There were tears and there was laughter.

Paul and I gave each of the children an ornament that represented their year…Jacob got a grill, Courtney and Joshua Starbucks ornaments, a crab for the vacation Paul and I had taken, many of the children got dinosaurs since a big highlight of our year was the visit to Creation Museum.

….the day was nice, but Jackson made it extra-special. He’s finally decided to walk. That boy, at 15 months, he’s been in no hurry, at all!

We had the best time and with so many helping hands, it didn’t take long to finish the tree. We gave the children one more gift…a movie night in a box.

Marshmallows, hot cocoa, a treat, and a copy of Frosty the Snowman made for the most perfect family night!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Night

  1. Loved looking at the excited faces! Especially the one where they opened that special box of sweet treats! Christmas is so much fun with children. I think this will be the first year I have no decorations. I have to practically beg Guy to bring down the decorations each year for me to put up. This year, he has had so much to do helping me with this surgery, I haven’t even mentioned the decorations to him. There’s just no way I could decorate the tree even if it were down here. Maybe next year.

  2. Hello i just wanted to tell you i love your blog and you are such an inspiration to me. Reading your blog makes me want to strive. to do better in my daily life its also helped me to read my bible more and I’m looking for a church I’m comfortable in i have been praying that god will send me a mentor or a woman of good faith to talk to. I lost my mother at the age of nine and my father grandmother and grandpa all in the last ten years have passed. so i really don’t have any older wiser women to talk to i have been asking the lord to help me find someone. and i hope she has as much faith and undestanding as you. i hope i didn’t ramble to much just now keep the blog posts going and may god continue to bless you and your family 🙂

    1. Liz, you are too kind! I will pray that you are able to find some ladies to help you. I remember wanting that so much when my children were younger!

      1. Ty so much you truly are amazing. its a struggle for me to try not to lose my peace everyday with four children lol i wanted to have more but I’m just not surw its in the cards 🙂 ty for your prayers they mean a lot 🙂

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