canning pears

Tracy / September 5, 2013

When I think back over the year, it all just seems like a blur.

For all the things that seemed so horribly wrong, the Lord held our hand, walked with us…carried us through so many days.

If you’ve been visiting long, you know I am a planner. When January arrived, I had the year planned out- including our garden.

We did work a little on building new beds and planted a few things which gave us cucumbers and a tomato almost every day this summer (the boys ate them as they were picked! *smile*).

I could have been disappointed with the outcome, but I’m not. The Lord has provided so abundantly. Folks who had no idea what was happening in our home, but just know us in the community, would stop by and ask if we could use okra, or squash, or any number of other fruits and vegetables.

It has been an enormous blessing to my family.

Our most recent gift was pears. A family at church blessed us with one bag and then a friend dropped by with another entire bag.

We LOVE pears.

Peeling and cutting was a family affair, but Courtney asked if she might be allowed to handle all the preserves by herself this year. (She said she just wanted to know if she could!)

She did an absolutely marvelous job and snapped some beautiful photos along the way.

(I may have asked Jessica to make homemade biscuits the very next day. We had to try them out to make sure they tasted as good as they look, right??!!)

2 thoughts on “canning pears

  1. Bravo Courtney! It is a wonderful feeling God gives the canning woman when we’re allowed to stand back and look at those jars all full of yumminess!

    1. She was so proud of herself! It is a feeling that you have done something wonderful for your family. I love canning! Have you canned a lot this year?

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