Gracie seems to have acclimated to her new home just fine.

We’re past all of the humane shelter paperwork and waiting times. Now she’s becoming more familiar with our family, and we’re becoming more familiar with her.

A couple of weeks back (I can’t believe I haven’t posted more since then!), we also found this little girl:

We’ve named her Zoe. Boy, does her name fit! (Zoe means “life”.)

Gracie started nursing her within days of her arrival. She was tiny then….we can tell she’s put on some weight!

She was 10 weeks when we brought her home. She’s a sweetie and seems to be already on the prowl for little critters around the home.

Her favorite toy is a crayon on the floor. Batting it around the family room will keep her leaping into the air for some time…it’s such fun to watch!

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