Sour Dough

This is Jessica, in number two of the three new dresses. This one is my favorite. I can always tell that she likes them because she will twirl and twirl! What a wonderful “little girl” thing!

One of the fun things that I wanted to do with this website is use it as a place to exchange information between women. There are so many things that I enjoy and one of them is baking bread. In the picture, Jessica is holding our sour dough starter. I wanted to give anyone who would like to, the chance to learn to bake sour dough bread. Our only goal this week is to find a glass jar. You don’t want to use metal or plastic (trust me, we’re using science here…we don’t want anything having some wacky reaction!). This glass jar was purchased at Walmart for between $4-$5. This one is really too big for a bread starter but we make a lot more bread than the average sized family.

We’ll just call this segment “class time”. Look for it in next Tuesday’s post.

I’m also going to be adding a new segment today called “Tracy’s task”. Everyday in my homemaking notebook I try to give myself a special task around the home that doesn’t necessarily fall into other homemaking categories. I thought it might be helpful to someone else to share these.

As always, if you have a homemaking tip, prayer request or praise report, please feel free to share these by emailing me. You can use the links at the top and bottom of this post.

Today’s Prayer Requests:

Paul (I know he’s always having meetings), has three meetings tomorrow that we could really use prayer for!

Kimberly Greenlaw, who is still not feeling well but does seem to be on the path toward recovery.

My friend, Tanya, will begin to home school next year.

Tanya’s friend, Dana and her husband Ronnie. They have two children and their home burned Sunday. I know that they lost some family pets in this fire. What a tragedy. Please pray for their family.

Jeff, his wife Vicky & their 2 boys (not sure of the ages but they are grown or high school age). Jeff’s lawn mower exploded on him and he is in UAB with 2nd degree burns.

Jackie, he is in the hospital having open heart surgery today.

Today, I’m Thankful For:

All my sprouting plants (yes again!)

Tanya and her note of encouragement this morning!

Our friends, The Fuchs’ Family. They are a never ending source of encouragement for us!

My husband’s office still being clean (This was a weekend project a few weeks back!). : ) ….Paul, I’m not saying that you are messy or anything honey! ; )

My Sister In Law being sent home from the hospital last night. It seems her little guy still has a awhile to cook! We’re glad that he’s holding out a little while longer.

Tracy’s Task:

Today, the ladies in my home are cleaning out our purses. In Emma’s case, that means her diaper bag. Go through and purge anything that might not have a purpose. File away old receipts. Wipe off the outside of your bag or run your diaper bag through the wash. Throw away any trash….de-clutter! Be sure that you do have the essentials. Purell! Purell! Purell! : )

What I’m Learning:

As a continuance from yesterday, one wash WILL NOT get puppy clean. He didn’t smell like strawberries today he just smelled yucky! Back through the wash for him!

Today’s Scripture Meditation:

Jer 33:2-3
“This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it– the LORD is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

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