Lest You Think….

Tracy / August 22, 2014

This house stays perfectly clean, I give you proof it does not: The blogging world can be so deceptive. Paul is constantly reminding me people allow you to see what they want you to see. THIS is the result of a busy day. Courtney set the timer and washed almost a dozen loads of laundry. She and Jessa folded it…

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Counting the Days

The wedding is only a couple of days away! My family has finished the sewing projects (for the most part!). We have stacks of supplies by the front door ready for transport tomorrow. The children are excited and my thoughts drift so often to Joshua and how the years have passed. I’ll try and update with pictures as time allows.…

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Tracy / August 17, 2010

When we don’t stay caught up with the laundry, we end up with this: Would you like to guess how long it took to fold and place away?