Hi Mom!

Hi Mom! I know that today has been a bit of a busy day possibly….maybe…. might of been…. I think…… Here’s a little bit of encouragement to brighten your day!!!!!!! “Even though people face difficulties everyday, Christians can rely on the Heavenly Father who removes all trials and difficulties, to bring them through hardship, and to give them enough peace,…

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Hampers Stacked

These are the new hampers emptied and stacked up so that they can be stored away.

New Hampers

Having such a large family in such a small space does have it’s challenges. Laundry is always amongst the top. I found these at Walmart last night and thought that I would share them. I’m hoping that it will give me a way to sort my laundry without taking up a lot of space. The best part is, when we…

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Laundering Diapers

It was right after 5 this morning when I snapped this picture. There is something to be said for hanging laundry in the early morning hours. You can see God’s grace and beauty in every direction. Everything smells sweet and the birds chirp so softly….it was pleasant and such a wonderful way to start a day. First, let me apologize…

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Cloth Diapering 101

My cloth diapering experience has been great so far. It is so much less work than I ever thought it would be, and it really hasn’t been any less convenient than purchasing disposables. In fact, I’m now left wondering why I ever thought that I needed disposables in the first place. The truth is, there are people in big companies…

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Precious Photos

Have you ever had something so cute that you really just had no idea where you were going to hang it? Thanks again, Kim. You did such an awesome job photographing Emma…now if I just had a little more wall space…. : )

Busy Friday

We are so very busy today so I thought instead of my normal post, I would share a bit of one of my collections with you. I’m not at all sure where this fascination with farm life came from, but it’s been with me since my very first married days. Calvin and Bessie were the first to grace my home…..my…

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1st Cucumber Sprouts

New cucumber sprouts …..we’re looking towards pickles!!!! Anyone have any good pickle recipes??

Tiny Foods

These are Joshua’s favorite…we planted them closest to the deck so that he could eat them whenever he would like!

Young Square Foot Garden

Our Square Foot Garden is still very young. We still need to plant two of the blocks. They will house carrots and onions. Everything else seems to be growing pretty well.

Little Watermelon Vines

Our watermelon vines are still very small. We’re hoping that they will grow enough to harvest some over the summer. I’m still learning about all of this so I guess we’ll wait and see!

Little Plum Trees

The plum trees are “awakening”. I need to do some research about the proper pruning and care for these little growing trees!